Shared is the best way to share music and podcast links with your friends. The Share Sheet Extension lets you send links for music and podcasts that will open in Shared directly from the app you’re listening in, to whichever messaging or social media app you want. From Shared, music can be opened in one of 11 services and podcasts in one of 5 services.

When opening a song, easily lookup lyrics with annotations on Genius and music reviews on Musicboard.

With iOS 15, Shared can also identify music playing around you–even from another app–that you can open in the service you like. With iOS 16.1, identifying a song in Shared starts a Live Activity so you can monitor its progress from the Lock Screen or the Dynamic Island–requires iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

With iOS 16, you can use Shared with You in Shared to view Shared links to music and podcasts that you've received in Messages.

View your recent history using two widgets, and use another to access quick actions to Open an item in Shared, share it with Shared, and identify a song.

Choose “Remind Me” from the more options menu when viewing something and Shared will send you a notification at your chosen date and time.

The Safari Extension lets you automatically open links from supported services in Shared when you’re browsing the web.

Supported Music Services:
· Apple Music
· Deezer
· Spotify
· Tidal
· YouTube
· Amazon Music
· Napster
· Pandora
· SoundCloud
· Yandex
· YouTube Music

Supported Podcast Services:
· Apple Podcasts
· Castro
· Pocket Casts
· Overcast
· Spotify

Shared is ad-free. If you like using Shared and want a more convenient experience, support its continued development with a one-time In-App Purchase. By purchasing Convenience, you get the following five features:

1. Always Open in Shared:
If you don't want to tap "Open in Shared" in the Share Sheet Extension, you no longer have to. Tapping Shared from the Share Sheet will automatically open in Shared.

2. Always Open in Preferred Service:
Opening something in Shared will always take you to your preferred service.

3. Lyrics from Share Sheet:
Don't want to open in Shared to view the lyrics? Just touch and hold the title in the Share Sheet Extension to view the lyrics on

4. Quick Share:
Touch and hold the Share button in Shared's Share Sheet Extension to quickly share to: Messages, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, or WhatsApp.

5. Open Reminders in Preferred Service:
Touch and hold Shared's reminder notifications to open the music or podcast in your preferred service.

Convenience is a one-time In-App Purchase and any amount gives you access to all five features and any features added to Convenience in the future.
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