Ploppy Pairs
Ploppy Pairs is a card matching game for kids with SharePlay and VoiceOver support.

The current App Store version contains 5 different themes with 30 different levels.

In the next few months I want to release a major update with two big changes:
- Completely additional game world with 4 different themes and 24 new levels
- Changed business model from paid app to freemium

Therefore, it would be great to test the overall gaming experience and if the workflow of the newly added in-app purchases is understandable/good setup or if you have any suggestions what could be improved. Important here to note is that the in-game reset button is currently resetting all in-app purchases to have the functionality to test them more in detail and all possible edge cases - this will not be included in the live version of course.

The two open points/issues that are know are:
- The missing translations of the in-app purchases
- The new missing background music for the first new themed island

Thanks for testing!
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