Luxilux Light Meter
Photo & Video and Utilities
Use your phone as a light meter for your analog camera!
Old film cameras are a lot of fun to shoot with, but their built-in light meters can be inaccurate or broken.
Some cameras don't even have a built-in meter so you need an external one.

Luxilux is here for you. Set the ISO of your film and start measuring the available light for your scene.

Use Manual mode to control aperture and shutter speed, the app will tell you if the image will be over- or underexposed.
Use Aperture Priority to select your preferred aperture and the app will show you the matching shutter speed
Use Shutter Priority to set the shutter speed and the app will display the matching aperture

Narrow down your scene or get an average reading. Pinch to zoom in or out, or switch between your phones cameras.

Your camera tops out at 1/500th of a second? You have a Noctilux lens with an aperture of f/1.0? You can set the minimum and maximum values for shutter speed aperture and ISO, so the app can tell you when the image will be over- or underexposed with the chosen settings.
Choose if you want to change values in full-, half- or third stops.

Luxilux is NOT a camera app itself, but a useful tool if you have an analog camera.
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Christian Lobach