The Location App
Navigation and Utilities
The Location App is a simple application that displays your location on a map, but more importantly, display the actual location data; i.e. GPS coordinates, closest address, What3Words identifier and Google Plus Code. This is a great app for anyone who just needs that type of location information quickly.

The Location App also lets you tap on your location identifiers to rapidly share the selected location data with anyone using a typical share sheet that includes sharing by text message, email, etc. The recipient taps on the sent link and your location will appear on Google or Apple maps, or in the What3Words App.

You can also use The Location App to search for a specific address, lat/long pair, location name, a specific Plus Code or a What 3 Words code. If the search term is located, pins will be place on the map and you can tap on a pin to get all of the location information for that pin. Optionally, you can then open the item in Apple maps or Google Maps.
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Ferdinand Rios