Wozi Smart Vocabulary Builder
Wozi helps expand your vocabulary without you even realizing it, just like magic! It allows any English learner to discover new words in a simple, intuitive way and learn and remember them through flashcards.

# Focused studying

Focus on the areas you need to improve the most, whether it's for an exam, book, film, or any aspect of life. Wozi enables you to become more familiar with the area more quickly by providing accurate real-life examples and precise English word meanings. This way, you not only know the most commonly used words but can also use them better in the real world.

# Smart word recommendations

Not sure what words to focus on or have a lot of words memorized but still encounter unfamiliar words in conversation, reading, or watching videos? "Smart Recommendations" lets you focus on the most commonly used words that you are most likely to not know, based on your current vocabulary. Memorize the words that work best for you so that every word you encounter outside of Wozi is no longer unfamiliar.

# Optimized for your learning level

Study at your own pace! There's no need to force yourself to reach a fixed goal every day. Wozi allows you to remove impatience and keep your inner peace to appreciate the beauty of each word. Use fragments of time and choose any time to start or end your study based on your mood.

# Scientifically-proven learning method

Enjoy your encounters with each new word. But in case you're still wondering, Wozi uses the Leitner System to automatically schedule reviews and reinforce your memory. After you've used Wozi for a while, it will customize your personalized word selection and review plan based on your learning situation.
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