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% CalcDeveloper Tools
🌱 Flora - Gardening Companion Lifestyle and Utilities
3Sub: Subscription AssistantFinance
A Repeatable ListProductivity and Utilities
AC WidgetDeveloper Tools
Aesther DNSUtilities
AirChat: Peer-to-Peer ChatSocial Networking and Utilities
Amicu - Keep In Touch ReminderUtilities
Ampoule 2Medical and Utilities
An Otter RSS ReaderNews
App MakerDeveloper Tools
App Privacy InsightsUtilities
ArtboxLifestyle and Education
Ascend — Floor CounterHealth & Fitness and Utilities
ASO Toolkit by Redbox MobileDeveloper Tools
Assetool (Mac)Utilities and Developer Tools
AutoMate - Car maintenanceUtilities and Lifestyle
BiketoHealth & Fitness
Body TrackingHealth & Fitness
Bolt - Workout Tracker Gym LogHealth & Fitness
Bookmarks -URL ManagerUtilities
Bucket - Achieve Your GoalsLifestyle
BushelDeveloper Tools and Utilities
buttoncraftDeveloper Tools
CardPointersFinance and Travel
CeramispaceProductivity and Utilities
ChaiSocial Networking and Entertainment
Chart Your MusicMusic
Chatr - Messaging ReimaginedSocial Networking
Check LaterDeveloper Tools
Cheep Flight DealsTravel
Christmas Widget 2020Utilities
CirkaFinance and Utilities
ClassTimeEducation and Productivity
ClattersProductivity and Social Networking
Clendar - a minimal calendarProductivity and Lifestyle
Clouded CIDeveloper Tools
CodeKit: Scanner & GeneratorUtilities
CodeWallet: Cards & discountsShopping
CodexDeveloper Tools
ConscriptorDeveloper Tools
Cooking CreationsFood & Drink
Crew for Stack OverflowNews and Productivity
CrossfixGames and Utilities
cycleRunSports and Health & Fitness
DA 5StarDeveloper Tools
DA Baby: Newborn Tracker LogHealth & Fitness and Medical
Daily MeProductivity
DetailsProGraphics & Design and Developer Tools
Ducky - Model EditorDeveloper Tools and Productivity
Email Zen - Sort your inboxBusiness
ÉmulsionUtilities and Photo & Video
Eventime - Event CountdownLifestyle and Entertainment
Exert - Training Stats for Apple WatchHealth & Fitness
Expense BuddyFinance and Lifestyle
Fasta: Fasting TrackerHealth & Fitness
Fave StocksFinance
Feat by Yona - Custom Meal PlansFood & Drink and Health & Fitness
FeeelsHealth & Fitness
Fire VaultProductivity
Five CentsFinance and Lifestyle
Focus PocusProductivity and Utilities
Focused Work: Focus TimerProductivity and Utilities
Four SquaresGames
GC - Grade CalculatorEducation
Good Enough GoalsProductivity
Group Chat - a bad idea (iOS)Social Networking
Gyfter - Occasion ReminderProductivity and Lifestyle
Happy Birthday WidgetUtilities
hbdUtilities and Social Networking
Health Auto Export to CSVHealth & Fitness and Medical
HeliumHealth & Fitness
HighlightedBooks and Productivity
HomeMoviePhoto & Video and Social Networking
Hour Blocks: Day PlannerProductivity
IntellyHealth & Fitness
jdanSocial Networking
Lag - Know Before You GoTravel
LATR - Save products for laterShopping
Laundry LensUtilities
LearnChemistryEducation and Entertainment
Liftoff: Launch ScheduleNews and Education
lil browserUtilities
lil cameraPhoto & Video
lil musicMusic
lily dexGames
Linksaber: read-later to newsletterProductivity
Livre - The book trackerProductivity
LulleryHealth & Fitness
Magnets - Shared WidgetsLifestyle and Social Networking
MarkedProductivity and Utilities
MDNotesUtilities and Productivity
Menu BoxDeveloper Tools
Midnight DatesLifestyle and Utilities
MindGarden - Gamified MeditationHealth & Fitness and Productivity
MirrorlyHealth & Fitness
Money FlowFinance
Museum ShuffleEducation
MyAppDeveloper Tools
MyWallet: Finance TrackerFinance and Business
Neural Object DetectorDeveloper Tools and Photo & Video
NorminalNews and Utilities
NS MIDI PlayerMusic
O2 - Breathing exercisesHealth & Fitness and Lifestyle
Orange - Your Bookkeeping AppFinance
PanettiFood & Drink
Personal BestHealth & Fitness
Pet Care BookHealth & Fitness
Plant Daddy — Water RemindersUtilities and Lifestyle
Pro Wrestling SimulatorGames
Px ›› EmDeveloper Tools and Graphics & Design
Quest TriviaGames and Entertainment
Quit Anger: Anger ManagementHealth & Fitness
Read RateBooks
Reading TimeBooks
Rerere: Simple ChecklistProductivity and Travel
RetailBox 6Utilities and Photo & Video
Retro Keyboard: Watch KeyboardUtilities
Ruby - News & ReadingNews
Sage RPGGames
Saturn: Friends & GamesSocial Networking and Entertainment
Screen Light ColorUtilities
Scroll - Notes, Lists, OutlineProductivity and Utilities
SequelEntertainment and Productivity
Shoobie - Tide & UV IndexTravel and Weather
Signals for HomeKitLifestyle and Utilities
Singlet - Run trackerHealth & Fitness and Sports
Sitcom ProUtilities
SonarMusic and Social Networking
SooseeFood & Drink and Health & Fitness
SpendyFinance and Lifestyle
SSHakingDeveloper Tools
Sticker CreatorGraphics & Design and Entertainment
Stream - Find your musicMusic and Utilities
String NewsNews
SuperHomeworkEducation and Productivity
Supersonic - Love The RunHealth & Fitness and Social Networking
SwimbolsDeveloper Tools
Task ProProductivity
Territory - Switch StorefrontsDeveloper Tools
The Location AppNavigation and Utilities
The Palette iOSDeveloper Tools
The SurgeSports and Health & Fitness
Then - Mindful Time TrackerProductivity and Utilities
ThirsticHealth & Fitness and Food & Drink
Thought DetoxHealth & Fitness
Thum - Events and RemindersUtilities
ThwipEntertainment and Utilities
TicTacBaby: Baby Care TrackingHealth & Fitness and Utilities
TiMeProductivity and Utilities
TimewaveProductivity and Utilities
To Count PointsUtilities and Entertainment
Tokey — 2FAUtilities and Productivity
TradePROFinance and Productivity
True North TidesWeather
TV RemoteEntertainment
UNESCO World Heritage SitesTravel
Usage: System Activity WidgetsUtilities and Developer Tools
Useful Lockscreen Widgets (working name)Utilities
Vekt 3 - The fastest weight trackerHealth & Fitness
Vest: RSU TrackerFinance and Utilities
Victrua ChatSocial Networking
Victrua Chat BetaSocial Networking
VinylBox - Collect RecordsUtilities
Weather DPWeather
WeCookedFood & Drink
Widget WizardUtilities and Health & Fitness
WidgetWorkerUtilities and Productivity
With MarginBusiness
WoW HelperUtilities
WristcordSocial Networking and Utilities
WynkEntertainment and Utilities
YA$T - Yet Another Spending TrackerFinance and Productivity