Works on your wrist
AR Airplane MuseumEducation
AR Car MuseumEducation
AR Computer MuseumEducation
AR Train MuseumEducation
Body TrackingHealth & Fitness
CardPointersFinance and Travel
Cheep Flight DealsTravel
Clendar - a minimal calendarProductivity and Lifestyle
ColorCrownGames and Entertainment
Cooking CreationsFood & Drink
Exert - Training Stats for Apple WatchHealth & Fitness
Fasta: Fasting TrackerHealth & Fitness
FlickType KeyboardProductivity and Utilities
FlickType Watch NotesProductivity and Utilities
Flight Simulator for Apple WatchGames
HeliumHealth & Fitness
Mechanical WatchGames
MediWear - Apple Watch Medical IDMedical
MementoProductivity and Utilities
Midnight DatesLifestyle and Utilities
Personal BestHealth & Fitness
Quit Anger: Anger ManagementHealth & Fitness
Repeat TimerUtilities
Retro Keyboard: Watch KeyboardUtilities
Ruby - News & ReadingNews
School Assistant – PlannerEducation
Shift Keyboard: Watch KeyboardProductivity
Space Exploration Simulator for Apple WatchGames
ThemedProductivity and Utilities
ThirsticHealth & Fitness and Food & Drink
Thum - Events and RemindersUtilities
ThwipEntertainment and Utilities
TiMeProductivity and Utilities
TimewaveProductivity and Utilities
TräningHealth & Fitness
True North TidesWeather
TV RemoteEntertainment
UniChar — Unicode KeyboardUtilities and Productivity
Unwind - Mindful BreathingHealth & Fitness
Vekt 3 - The fastest weight trackerHealth & Fitness
WristcordSocial Networking and Utilities